Fabric Wreaths

Needing a little break from paper, I wanted to play with fabric but in a no-sew kind of fun. I had seen fabric ornaments and wreaths and decided to try my hand at them. My mom wanted something for the door anyway so the gears were in motion.

Having a basic idea of how to make them, I surfed the wonderful world of www.youtube.com for fabric wreath making to make sure I would be doing this correctly and off I want for supplies and tons of pretty fabrics.

Not hard to make, but my gosh, I woke up the next morning with fabric pieces EVERYWHERE!!! And I think my muscles from my forearm to my neck are toning nicely ;) I just love how pretty and full they are and versatile. I'm making my own for my door and now am thinking of making some smaller candle rings in Christmas colors for some holiday decor. Oh, and ornaments. I bought a pack of 3" balls from my local craft store to add some sparkle to my blue, silver and white Christmas tree this year.

For the do-it-yourselfers, my friend has awesome tutorials here. For those who would just rather have someone do it for them, they are available for purchase at BBG.

Thanks for stopping by!


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