Falling into BBG

Ask me where I was 4 weeks ago, and I can tell you it wasn't a good place. My mind has been racing about the future of my shoppe, working my day job and just being a mom of active kiddos. Oh, and my little brother is getting married in 18 days. I'm pretty sure I heard a motor burn out and possibly seen a trickle of smoke passing by my eyeballs.

And then the mornings and nights got colder. I love Fall. I love the colors, the smells and just being able to layer my clothes. I have so much more enthusiasm to wake up in the morning (ok, that's a bit of a stretch, I'm not a big fan of mornings). But... the creativity is flowing. My Halloween and Fall papers are out and I'm ready to add some new creations to the mix.

I've set some new goals for myself and I look forward to sharing all of my Autumn-inspired creations. Until then...


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